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Videonystagmography (VNG)

Staff from Biosense Medical have always been at the very forefront of the clinical investigation of Vestibular and Balance disorders in the UK and Ireland. We continue to put every effort into ensuring that we remain the experts in supply of equipment and support for professionals who work in this field.

Videonystagmography (VNG) has become the standard tool for investigation the function of the vestibular system within the inner ear. We are pleased to work closely with our partners Synapsys from France who manufacture the most advanced range of computerised equipment and rotational chair systems.

An important benefit of the Synapsys systems is the lightweight, wireless goggles used. This provides far greater freedom of movement for your patients, which is very important in positional testing. As the goggles are extremely simple to set-up and very comfortable to wear by your patients, this all makes testing a great deal simpler than alternative or older electrode based systems.

For full details of the Synapsys VNG products, please follow this link:

Synapsys VNG Mask Camera

SYN001 - Synapsys VNG Mask Camera

Replacement Synapsys mask camera


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Synapsys VNG Mask Mask + Foam + Junction

SYN002 - Synapsys VNG Mask Mask + Foam + Junction

Replacement contour Mask + Foam + Junction


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Synapsys VNG Mask Strap Band

SYN003 - Synapsys VNG Mask Strap Band

Replacement Synapsys mask strap band


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Synapsys VNG Mask Obturator

SYN004 - Synapsys VNG Mask Obturator

Replacement Obturator for Synapsys VNG mask


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