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Seated Pressure Measurement

CONFORMat seat pressure system
Provides a sensor that stretches and therefore coforms to the shape to be measured without hammocking, thus providing an accurate and repeatable method of assessing seat pressure both statically and dynamically, from either seat, back or both simultaneously.
A choice of hardware options to provide a flexible solution with tethered and wireless systems and single or multiple sensors.
CONFORMat sensor

Body Pressure Measurement system (BPMS)
For larger areas of contact for example mattresses, the BPMS system provides accurate and reliable pressure readings enabling you to optimize bedding, cushioning and positioning solutions and reduce the incidence of ulceration and tissue deterioration, helping to speed the healing of existing pressure sores, ulcers, and wounds.
The BPMS system uses the EVO Handle technology and is available in a range of sensor options to match your requirements.

BPMS pressure image

For further details and a full system specification visit the Tekscan website

CONFORMat Sensor (VersaTek)

TK013 - CONFORMat Sensor (VersaTek)

Tekscans stretchy seating sensor with 1024 sensels. For use with the VersaTek range of equipment. For detailed specification on this product please click


Sensor cover seat

TK004/02 - Sensor cover seat


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TK004C - Sensor cover seat small


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TK004/03 - CONFORMat Sensor Cover - disposable

Clear plastic protective cover that stretches to conform with the CONFORMat sensor. (pk of 4)


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Conformat velcro strap

TK033 - Conformat velcro strap


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Versatek USB cable (10)

TK032 - Versatek USB cable (10)


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TK013/01 - CONFORMat Sensor (USB/EVO)

Tekscan’s stretchy seating sensor with 1024 sensels. For use with the EH-1 or EH-2 USB Handle. For detailed specification on this product please click