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Passive Marker Motion Capture

Simi Motion 2D/3D is a comprehensive and precise motion analysis platform from Simi suitable for a range of applications including teaching, scientific research and advanced clinical practice. The system can be tailored to the specific needs of a user including the integration of many external devices, including EMG, EEG, ECG, force plates, pressure measurement and more.

What makes Simi Motion® unique?
In comparison to the majority of products available on the market, Simi Motion uses no infrared technology but utilises image based techniques. High quality video recordings with high frame rates and high resolutions are captured and saved using synchronised industrial cameras. Using the latest algorithms of image processing, Simi Motion can capture motion in detail and calculate 2D/3D data. As with the other systems, Simi Motion has marker based automatic tracking to calculate marker positions. It is however also possible to track using marker-less methods, such as pattern matching or silhouette tracking using no markers. The years of research and development which Simi has invested in this area have enabled research, for which infrared systems simply do not suffice.

Simi Motion is highly modular and can be tailored to the needs of the specific user. A range of configurations are possible to suit customers who would prefer to conduct quick and simple analyses as well as for those of a more scientific background, wishing to solve complex problems.

Simi Motion Features
▪ dynamic kinematics in 3D or 2D
▪ complex scientific questions
▪ integration of any analogue system
▪ unlimited markers or markerless motion tracking
▪ completely mobile
▪ Real time tracking
▪ Calculate static and dynamic data with sub pixel accuracy
▪ automatic reports

For further details on Simi Motion please either get in touch or visit the Simi website


SIM01 - High Gain Blanco, 10mm reflective markers

Flat adhesive backed high gain silver reflective marker for use with Simi Motion marker based video motion capture system. 10mm diameter (pack of 100)


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